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Armleder TrueDefense Club

Grade Levels: 2-6 depending on session
Purpose: Learn how to protect yourself and perform martial art skills. We will relate the Word of God to protecting self and others while having a great time and getting a hard work-out!
Months: September-May in four 7-week sessions
Practice Schedule:

Mondays  3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
                   4:45 p.m. - Students not picked up from AS Lobby will be sent to Armleder Afterschool Achievers for a daily charge

Practice Location: Armleder Gym
Cost: True Defense: $25 per 7 week session, includes uniform pants

Armleder Afterschool Achievers: $25 registration if not already registered; $11/day each day this child attends regardless of how long they stay. Nonrefundable, minimum charge of $11 collected in full at registration.
Anticipated # of Students: 8-15
Expected Parent Involvement:

Pick up students by 4:45 p.m. from the AS Lobby or they will be sent to Armleder Achievers for a daily change.

Notes: Mr. Korchak has 40+ years of martial art and combative training.  He is a master level teacher in over a dozen martial arts and former Collegiate All-American and world medalist in taekwondo.  Additionally he has trained self defense at U.C., X.U, and many local high schools and businesses.
Sponsor / Contact Info:, AS Physical Education Teacher

Registration Links and Important Dates:

1/2. Online Activity registration   and    2/2. Online After Care registration 

Sesson Registration Opens Registration
closes @ 11:59 p.m.
First meeting Last meeting
Fall: Gr 5-6 09/01/21 09/10/21 09/13/21 10/25/21
Early Winter:  Gr 3-6 11/03/21 11/12/21 11/15/21 01/10/22
Late Winter: Gr 3-6 01/12/22 01/21/22 01/24/22 03/14/22
Spring:  Gr 2-6 03/09/22 03/25/22 03/28/22*
*Monday after Spring Break