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Strings Club

Grade Levels: 6-8
Open to students who have played a stringed instrument for at least one year. Audition not required if enrolled in CHCA String Orchestra class. Students who play a string orchestra instrument in private lessons but are not enrolled in the class should contact Mrs. Macy about participating.
Purpose: Provide a place for eager string students to find community in making music. Strings Club members are the first to be invited when extra performance opportunities arise. We encourage all Gr 6 students to join, as club members often become student leaders in CHCA’s Upper School orchestra program.
Months: September - May
Practice Schedule & Attendance Policy: Mondays from 3:15 - 4:15 p.m.

We desire for CHCA students to have the best musical experience possible, with attendance at rehearsals and performances a high priority. Strings Club students are expected to grow in responsibility as a member of a performing ensemble. Communication about and resolution of scheduling conflicts is a way to demonstrate that responsibility.

Students involved in other CHCA programs (i.e. sports, musical) must communicate to their coach, etc. about their Strings Club involvement. Members are excused from rehearsal after the first 30 minutes (3:50 p.m.) to attend another rehearsal or practice. Absences must be communicated in advance of a rehearsal in order to be excused. Musicians must not have more than 2 unexcused absences to continue performing with Strings Club. All dress rehearsals are mandatory. We appreciate the dedication of every musician in this group.

Practice Location: Founders' Campus Strings Room
Performance Schedule:

December – Christmas Concert and other Christmas related events
April – ArtBeat – Saturday
May – Spring String Fling – Weekday evening

Other Opportunities as they arise

Cost: $150 annual fee; $25 late registration fee starts 09/24/20
Anticipated # of Students: 15
Expected Parent Involvement:
  • Provide snack during weekly rehearsal once or twice a semester
  • Transportation to performances
  • Respond to emails requesting student availability for extra performances
Sponsor / Contact Info:
Important Dates: 08/03/20 - Online registration opens
09/14/20 - First rehearsal
09/24/20 - $25 late registration fee starts   (Due to the many adjustments to our learning environment this fall, UltraCamp late fees that were due to begin 9/24/20 have been eliminated.  A $25 late registration fee will only be added to session fees if we must reopen the session for a registration after the official close deadline.)
10/09/20 @ 11:59 p.m. - Registration closes