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Student Production Team

Grade Levels: 9 - 12
Purpose: Student Production Team (SPT) is a group of creative and technically minded individuals who support plays, musicals, special events, and chapel services throughout the year. Areas of responsibility include:
  • Sound and Audio Engineering
  • Stage Lighting
  • Video (playback and recording)
  • Presentation Graphics
  • Set Design (including construction and painting)
  • Props (construction, gathering, and researching)
  • Costumes (design, construction, assembly, and research)
  • Makeup and hair (design and implementation)
We aim to produce professional quality events in a positive, encouraging, and Christ-centered environment. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a mature, professional manner as they learn all skills needed in the technical art of theatre and stage production. Students start with small tasks and advance to major responsibilities including Stage Manager, Student Technical Director, Sound Engineer, and Design Assistant (in all areas). This is a great opportunity for students to use their creativity and technical know-how, and to make great friends while working toward a common goal.
Months: All year, including limited summer opportunities.
Practice Schedule:

We typically meet based on the needs of the upcoming production(s) and this can involve late evenings and/or weekends. Students involved in a major production are required to attend rehearsal every day after school during tech week (the week leading up to the show opening). Event call times vary and all meetings and events will be communicated via email and/or text messaging.

While students are not expected to be available for every activity or meeting, we do ask that they hold to any commitments they make to their directors and peers.
Practice Location: MSL Lindner Theater
Performance Schedule: Weekly chapels, plays, multiple musicals, concerts, ArtBeat, and various special events.
Cost: There is no fee to join SPT; however, students involved in theater productions pay $21 (t-shirt and juice boxes) plus optional $37 (tech week meals and production party) per show.
Anticipated # of Students: No real limit; although roles are assigned based on qualifications and on a first come-first serve basis. Crew sizes vary from show to show.
Expected Parent Involvement: Our goal is to have our shows run entirely by students. Parents are not expected to participate, but are welcomed and strongly encouraged to do so. We frequently rely on parents to assume roles as area project leaders to keep tasks moving forward. This creates fun opportunities to learn and work alongside our students. Projects can be scaled to match the skill and commitment level a parent desires ... in other words, "every little bit helps".

In the past, parents have helped build sets, construct costumes, sew backdrops, operate cameras, hunt for props, provide food, and pick up materials and rentals.

Notes: Positions such as Stage Manager, or any “manager” type position, are offered to students who have demonstrated ability by showing a strong work ethic and maturity level. If someone is interested in pursuing a management role, they should tell Mr. Jung and then we can develop a plan to help them meet their goal.
Sponsor / Contact Info: Jim Jung, Technical Director/Theatre Manager
How Do You Register: Contact Mr. Jung via email and set up a meeting or just find him in the theatre.
Register by: No deadline to join but if you want to participate in a show such as a play or musical, you must let Mr. Jung know at least 2-4 weeks in advance of that Fine Arts Event as most positions are on a first come, first serve basis.