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Student Production Team

Grade Levels: 9 - 12
Purpose: Student Production Team (SPT) is a group of creative and technically minded individuals who support plays, musicals, special events, and chapel services throughout the year.  Opportunities include:
  • Audio engineering and playback
  • Lighting (design, implementation, and operation)
  • Video (camera operation, video directing, recording, and playback)
  • Presentation graphics (creation and playback)
  • Set (design, construction, and painting)
  • Props (construction, gathering, and researching)
  • Costumes (design, construction, assembly, and research)
  • Makeup and hair (design and implementation)
  • Stage management

In the theater, we practice project-based learning every day!  Our theater space is constantly in flux - this creates opportunities for students all year long and they can participate as able.  Using only hands-on learning, students gain many valuable lessons, like how to build simple and complex structures, painting techniques at varying levels, how to work with electricity, various types of design, problem solving, project and people management, and so much more ... and they make friends in the process! The growth opportunities are vast, and because we believe in creating a positive, encouraging, and Christ-centered environment, there truly is a place for everybody here.

Months: All year, including limited summer opportunities.
Practice Schedule:

We typically meet based on the needs of the upcoming production(s).  Some events only require several hours; other commitments may involve daily rehearsals over a period of a week or two as well as the performances they lead up to.  Many opportunities will be after school and in the evenings, with some occasional weekends. 

Students involved in a major production are required to attend rehearsal every day after school during the week leading up to the show’s opening (a.k.a. Tech Week). Event call times vary, and all meetings and events are communicated well in advance. 

While students are not expected to be available for every activity or meeting, we do ask that they hold to any commitments they make to their directors and peers.  We communicate production needs via Remind and SignUp Genius.

Practice Location: MSL Lindner Theater
Performance Schedule:
  • Smaller events (e.g. concerts, chapelsor preproduction (set build, painting, costume creation, props, etc.) are one-time commitments and are scheduled using the Remind App and SignUp Genius.  Specific roles are given out casually based on the needs of the event and the students available.
  • Running crew for plays and musicals assignments are handled formally and students must register through links on the production homepage. This larger student commitment includes: 
    • Pre-production meetings at the start of every rehearsal process
    • At least a full week of rehearsals
    • All performances for one of our major productions
  • Smaller events or preproduction - no cost
  • Running crew for plays and musicals - Based on the needs of the show, generally less than $75.  Fees cover a production t-shirt, tech week after school meals, snacks backstage, and the opening night production party.
Anticipated # of Students:

No real limit; although roles are assigned based on qualifications and on a first come-first serve basis.

Each performance has different needs, so running crew sizes vary from show to show, usually maxing out around 25-30 students backstage per major production. (Some shows do reach the maximum number of students, so please register early!)
Expected Parent Involvement:

Parents and family members often help build and paint sets, put together costumes, sew or decorate backdrops, hunt for props, help craft props or costume pieces,  provide food, and pick up materials and rentals.  It is very common for families to serve together and since registration is required, we recommend you complete this registration for the entire family (includes parents, grandparents, and siblings who work alongside students) before your first involvement.

family annual SPT registration
We also invite parents to act as area project leaders to keep tasks moving forward safely and properly. This creates fun opportunities to learn and work alongside our students. Projects can be scaled to match the skill and commitment level a parent desires ... in other words, "every little bit helps".  We ask that all parents participate in one or more volunteer opportunities pre-production.
Notes: Students who have any interest are encouraged to attend the SPT Kickoff and Information meeting (date below). Any management, director, or designer positions are offered to students who have expressed interest and demonstrated the skills, responsibility, and maturity level necessary to handle the role. Students interested in pursuing one of these roles should work with Mr. Jung towards achieving that goal.
Sponsor / Contact Info:, Technical Director/Theater Manager
How To Register:

Questions?  Email and set up a meeting or just find Mr. Jung in the theater.

08/01/22 - Smaller events or preproductionGr 9-12 Student Annual SPT Registration opens and remains open all year
08/06/22 from 3:00-4:30 p.m. at MSL Campus: Lindner Theater - SPT (Student Production Team) Kickoff & Info

Running crew for plays and musicals - Visit production homepage to register online