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Spanish Club

Grade levels: 7-8
Purpose: Promote the use of the Spanish language, provide additional opportunities for experiencing and learning more about Hispanic culture and history, and reach out to the Hispanic Community. The Spanish Club fosters enthusiasm for learning about Spanish culture and lifestyle and encourages students to take a more active role in their Spanish studies.

Sample activities include: special speakers, instruction in Hispanic dance or arts/crafts, movies, food, celebration of special holidays, singing, speaking, Spanish games, outreaches with Hispanic ministries, field trips to Hispanic Cultural experiences including restaurants.
Months: September - May

Regular Meetings are generally held monthly on a Wednesday during activity bell.  Meetings will alternate between:

  • Feature Event: a cultural experience that may involve typical food, a special speaker, presentation of a specific country, crafts, dance, or a Latin American celebration.
  • Immersion Experience: an experience where students focus on listening to and using their Spanish.  Examples include games, movies, singing or making a typical craft.

Special Events may occur during the day or on weekends, such as the Hispanic Cultural Fest or the Hispanic outreaches. 

  • Types of Activities:  celebrating special holidays, outreaches with Hispanic ministries, and field trips to Hispanic cultural experiences (We have a Latin American Festival show or concert trip and a restaurant trip).
  • Hispanic Christmas Fiesta: students will experience some of the typical foods, games, customs, and dances that are used to celebrate Christmas in Latin America.  Takes place in early December.
  • Possible Service Opportunities:
    • As a group: Help in local Hispanic Ministries
    • As an individual: Connect interested students with local Hispanic outreach opportunities
At-School Meeting Location:

Innovation Space (if available) or Sr. Fite's Room (W239)

$10.00 club fee (snacks, craft supplies, etc. for in school meetings) + cost for some activities
Food/candy/etc. donations are requested for major projects (piñatas, Fiesta de Navidad, outreaches, etc)
Anticipated # of Students: 30 students
Expected Parent Involvement: Please email club sponsor to indicate willingness to help! ¡Muchas gracias!
  • Share in Club - Parents of Hispanic Heritage or who have significant immersion experiences in Hispanic culture are invited and encouraged to share with our club students
  • Transport students to outside-of-school activities
  • Prepare foods - Adventurous "chefs" willing to help with Hispanic recipes
  • Organize fiestas (Siblings welcome!)
  • If you know of opportunities or needs in reaching out to Hispanics, or have contacts within the Hispanic Community, please contact a sponsor. We always value more options.
  • There are a few student leadership opportunities as part of the planning committee. See Sr. Fite for details.
Sponsor / Contact Info:
How Do You Register: Indicate interest in Spanish Class. Due to intense competition with other extracurricular activities, Spanish Club will confine our 2022-2023 activities to on campus and during the school day; therefore, no other registration or payment is needed.
, but registration and payment is via UltraCamp.
Important Dates: 09/08/22 - Online registration opens
Mid September TBA during Activity Bell - Mexican Independence Day Celebration - a themed meal, decorations and games in honor of this Mexican holiday
09/30/22 @ 11:59 p.m. - Registration closes  (May reopen registration after Christmas break)