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Mini Cup

Grade levels: 7-8
Purpose: Mini Cup has an entrepreneurial focus to teach students how to market and run a business.  We’re a mini version of The Leaning Eagle Coffee Bar at the MSL campus.  Our off-shoot, Mini Snack, lets students grab a quick snack between bells.
Months: August - May 
Schedule: Mini Cup Hours (Mimi Ehlen Library): Tuesdays and Thursdays before school, during lunch, during SDL and Activity Bell 

Mini Snack Hours (Mimi Ehlen Library):  Monday, Wednesday, Friday between bells 1 and 2

Team Meetings: Approximately twice a month during lunch/SDL to review our progress and to share new ideas
Cost: Free
Anticipated # of Students: 20-30 students
Expected Parent Involvement: Students working the before-school shift must arrive by 7:15 a.m.
  • Mini Cup profits go toward equipment, supplies, and need-based Service Intersession and field trip scholarships.
  • Advisers select student managers who supervise shifts, train new staff members, and create shift schedules.
  • This activity is outside the scope of the Entrepreneurship 07/08 class. Workers are not graded on their performance or attendance.
Sponsor / Contact Info:
How Do You Register: Attend an informational meeting at the beginning of the school year and express interest to a sponsor.
Register by: Listen to announcements as there are opportunities to join throughout the school year.
Mini Cup sign
Mini-cup server
Mini-cup happy customers
Mini-cup cookies & doughnuts
Mini-Cup-serving coffee
Mini-cup popular with students
Mini-cup serving coffee to student
Mini-cup serving coffee