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m2se (Minorities in Mathematics, Science, & Engineering)

Grade Levels: 4 - 6
Purpose: Minorities in Math, Science, and Engineering (M2SE) was created in 1989 to address predictions by the National Science Foundation regarding the national shortage of engineers. Our mission is to significantly increase the number of students, particularly young women and minorities, who are motivated, prepared for, and enter science, technology, engineering, and mathematics career fields.

Project Opportunities include:

  • Illustrated Poem Contest
  • Science Fair
  • Mousetrap Car
  • Egg Drop Contest
  • Glider Design
  • City-Wide Competitions
  • BrainQuest Quiz Bowl
  • Hovercraft Design
  • UC/NTA Robotics
  • African-American Scientist and Inventor Composition Contest

Months: All year as M2SE activities are incorporated into science / technology / STEAM lab curriculum

Practice Location: Science / technology / STEAM lab

Meeting Schedule: Meeting times are usually during school, but some after school time may be required

Cost: Free!
Anticipated # of Students: 40
Expected Parent Involvement:

Students may request additional help at home, but it is not required for most projects.

Notes: Find out more at

Sponsor Info:
How Do You Register: Students are auto-enrolled via their science and STEAM classes