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eSports US 7-12

Grade Levels: 7-12
Purpose: eSports is a team of students playing a particular video game in a highly-organized, competitive environment.  Students will learn about the world of eSports, gaming skills, gaming sportsmanship, and how to compete against others in a Christ-honoring manner.  At Gr 7-8, we will compete against other schools and teams.


Season 1: 09/11/23 - 12/04/23 (if advance through state playoffs and finals)
Season 2: 01/05/23 - 04/15/23

Day determined by game; all days 3:30-5:00 p.m.; competitions start at 4:00 p.m.

Game Gr Practice Day Competition Day
Mario Cart 7-8 Monday
*Practice the first couple of weeks and then we will set up a competition among our players.
Mario Cart 9-12 Monday Thursday
Rocket League 7-8 Monday Tuesday
Rocket League 9-12 Monday Wednesday
Super Smash Bros. 7-8 Tuesday Thursday
Super Smash Bros. 9-12 Thursday Wednesday
Minecraft Bedwars 7-8 Thursday Wednesday
Practice Location:

Founder's Campus: eSports/Robotics Room (W121)
Transportation between MSL Campus and Founders' Campus NOT provided

Competition Days / Times:

Students will compete in an EGF nationwide competition.  Match schedule and information available after all teams are rostered.

We'll compete online weekly from the eSports Room with 7-8/9-12 teams nationwide.  If we advance to state or regional competitions, limited matches will be played in person (in a larger setting TBD, likely a college).  Regional finalists automatically qualify for a nationwide competition hosted out of town.

$75 per season for *1 team soccer-style jersey personalized with your name, locker magnet, and Nintendo account fees ($75 discount if register for both seasons)
$125 first game per season for gaming association fees and end of season party
$75 each additional game per season

*Jersey only ordered for first season of play

Maximum Capacity Gr 7-8:  56 = (16 students x 3 games) + (8 students for Minecraft Bedwars)
Gr 9-12: 8 students total
Expected Parent Involvement:
  • Parents are welcome to attend matches in person or watch matches/recordings at
  • Gr 9-12 parents must arrange transportation of students from MSL to Founders' Campus 
Sponsor: John Wells '14, Lead Coach and Danny Reagan '20
Important Dates:

09/11/23 - Season 1 Competition Team practices begin

09/08/23 - Online Registration opens; when max capacity reached, waiting list will be active.

09/13/23 @ 11:59 p.m. - Registration closes

12/11/23 - Online Registration re-opens
01/04/24 -  at 11:59 p.m. - Registration closes

01/05/24 - Season 2 Competition and Team practice begins