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Chapel Team US 9-12

Grade Levels: 9-12

Chapel team members have an opportunity to grow in desire, skill and experience in both the musical and technical aspects of providing chapel worship.

Musical teams are comprised of singers and instrumentalists, and commit to two rehearsals and sound check on their rotation week. Ideally we will form 5-6 musical teams that rotate leading worship every 4-6 weeks. We employ a broad spectrum of musical styles, both utilizing and developing musician skills. From singers to string players; strummers to pickers, percussionists to pianists-- Come one, come all! There is nothing more exciting than being able to throw one's gifts back to God in worship! Soli Deo Gloria!

Technical teams handle lighting, sound, video and graphics. They are present during sound check. See the Student Production Team webpage for more details.
Months: September - May
Schedule: Group Rehearsals two times before your rotation week. Should last 1 hour and are at a time/location mutually convenient to the group.

Rehearsal/Sound check from 7:15-8:00 a.m. on chapel day
Chapel during the school day on Thursdays
Cost: Free
Anticipated # of Students: Musical Team: 4-5 teams with 4-5 people per team depending on the style of music
Technical Team: 6-10 roles available weekly, assignments rotate
Expected Parent Involvement:
  • Encouragement and transportation (if needed) to rehearsal and early morning report times.
  • Help your child proactively communicate changes in availability or commitments that would impact involvement.
  • Instrumentalists must bring their own instruments and equipment (amps, picks, cables, etc.); drums and keyboards are provided.
  • Since Chapel Team rotates music every week, students should be very confident in their knowledge of their instrument and/or vocal ability before audition.
Sponsor / Contact Info: Musical Teams: and
Technical Teams:
How Do You Register:

Musical Team: Listen for announcements of interest meeting in mid-late August. Limited additions are possible mid-year. Contact Mr. Kramer for details.

Technical Team: See the Student Production Team webpage for details.