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Chapel Band US 7-8

Grade Levels: 7-8 grade musicians and vocalists

Chapel Band is a group of self motivated musically inclined students who have a heart for God and lead worship during Upper School 7-8 chapel. It's a great opportunity to play music, connect with others, develop leadership skills, and grow as a worshipper. 

Depending on participation and individual availability, members will be divided into rotating teams of vocalists and/or instrumentalists that lead worship every 2 to 3 chapels starting in September. Students may be assigned to multiple teams (or asked to help out more) depending on ability and availability.  For "singer only weeks," vocalists sing to supplied, prerecorded performance tracks.

Chapel Team members:

  1. Practice as a group and on their own
  2. Maintain a music binder for provided copies of chord sheets
  3. Help set up all equipment on chapel day
  4. Lead worship during chapel
  5. Help clean up all equipment after chapel
Months: September - May
Practices / Performances: Your schedule for your week would be:
  • Get song choices approved by Mr. Kramer and [if vocal only] he supplies performance track
  • Rehearsals on your own 
  • Sound Checks on chapel days during Connection Bell
  • Chapel during the school day on Wednesdays during SDL
Practice Location:

Founder's Campus: Gym

Cost: Free
Anticipated # of Students: 15 students, divided into rotating worship teams
Expected Parent Involvement:
  • Help your child proactively communicate changes in availability or commitments that would impact involvement in this activity.
  • Instrumentalists must bring their own instruments and equipment (amps, picks, cables, etc.); drums and keyboards are provided.
  • Since Chapel Band rotates different music every week, students should be very confident in their knowledge of their instrument and/or vocal ability before audition.
  • A Student Leader may be able to help with coordination and supplement vocals.
Sponsor / Contact Info:

How Do You Express Interest: Emailing sponsor.  Although we love to have students all year, students are welcome to join us throughout the year.