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Armleder Student Council

Grade Levels: 4 - 6
Purpose: Provide student leadership and representation for events and activities that promote engagement and school spirit to enhance the school climate. Sponsored activities include: out-of-uniform days, annual talent show, annual alumni college fair, special chapel services, and more.
  • Students campaign to represent their grade, and are voted on by their respective classmates.
  • A sixth grade student runs for president of the council and is voted on by the entire school body.


Months: September - May
Practice Schedule: Monthly meetings on Wednesdays during recess


Practice Location: Armleder Classroom #404


Cost: Free
Anticipated # of Students:

4 students: one student per grade 4-6 as class representative + one grade 6 student as president

  • Campaigning display is limited to one supplied poster board and candidate profile
  • Presidential candidates must prepare a 1 minute speech for air on Armleder Eyewitness News.
Sponsor/Contact: Sheri Ellis
How Do You Register: Interested and qualified students obtain a poster board and candidate profile from Mrs. Ellis in early September.