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Armleder Crochet Club

Grade Levels: 1 - 6
Purpose: Learn to crochet blankets and other items
Months: 01/25/24 - 05/23/24
Meeting Schedule:
  • School days during student's recess - schedule set to allow maximum participation of interested people.
  • Once parent sends registration email, students can join as time and interest allows.
Meeting Location: Locations set upon appointments with Principal Montgomery 
Cost: Free
Anticipated # of Students:


Expected Parent Involvement: Provide child with a crochet needle and yarn - any yarn and any crochet needle will work!
How Do You Register:
2 Step Registration:
  1. Email your child’s teacher (cc: before the first time your child's comes.
  2. Your child should sign up outside Principal Montgomery's office for each session they will attend.