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Armleder Honor Society (AHS)

Grade levels: 4 - 6
Purpose: Create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership, and develop character. This organization recognizes students and promotes the five pillars of scholarship, character, citizenship, leadership, and service.
Months: October - May
Day/Times: Group will primarily meet during the school day.  In addition members act as Student Amabassadors providing tours for major building engagements which may occur on weekends or evenings.
Location: Armleder Boardroom
Cost: Free!
Anticipated # of Students: 20
Expected Parent Involvement: Help organize school wide service projects, sponsor fundraisers, provide snacks, drive to possible off campus volunteer events.
Parents can also volunteer with us!
How To Register:

To qualify, students must maintain:

  • all A’s and/or B’s in Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science
  • minimum overall average of 80% or higher in all other classes
  • no D’s or F’s
Qualifying students will receive a letter directing them on next steps. Those steps include writing a letter stating why and how they show leadership, service and scholarship in and out of school. Students need at least three adult signatures to witness their letter of intent.
Register by: Invitations are extended in mid fall at the beginning of the Quarter 2. Students are notified of result via mail. Timing for acceptance and the Induction Ceremony during Armleder Chapel is in the invitation.
Important Dates: 11/10/23 - AS Honor Society Induction