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Grades 9-12 Intersession

Learning through experience—next door and around the world

Upper School Intersession is one of CHCA’s most exceptional programs, and one of very few programs like it offered in our entire region. For two weeks each year, students in grades 9-12 explore the world outside the classroom.

Check out some of the many opportunities – both near and far – that our Upper School students have been able to experience over the past couple of years…

Intersession Experiences

Intersession takes place either the first two weeks after Christmas Break (Winter Term) or every third year, the last two weeks of the school year (May Term). By stepping out of the regular eight bell day, students enrich their curriculum with hands on, intensive, experiential learning. They choose from a wide range of experiences including traveling and serving others abroad, learning about different cultures, lending a hand to neighbors in Cincinnati, and learning new skills in the arts, sciences, and technology. CHCA’s Intersession is not optional—it’s a graduation requirement—because experiential learning forms a central part of our college-preparatory curriculum. And it works.

Accompanied and guided by their teachers, students grow as leaders, listeners, and thinkers, reflecting on their unique place in this world as they make lasting friendships. They challenge and strengthen their Christian faith as they engage respectfully with different cultures and viewpoints and engage with God’s world in dynamic and interesting ways.

Year after year, CHCA students and their parents cite Intersession as a highlight of their CHCA experience. It’s an inspiring, memorable, joyous experience that prepares students for college and life in ways they could not have previously imagined.

Curious? Learn more by checking out “The Amazing World of Intersession,” as told by Upper School Vice Principal Dave Walker, at the bottom of this webpage.

We learned about the Parthenon in class. But when I traveled to Greece, I saw firsthand how architecture is really all about the country’s people. Their architecture contains their history.Upper School student

After this experience, I will remember that many people right here in Cincinnati need our help, including the youngest of kids, and there are many ways we can fulfill those needs. Upper School student
The Amazing World of Intersession-Article from 2014 Eagles Eye

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