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Grades 7-8 Service Intersession

Learning through service immersion - outside classroom walls.

Service Intersession is a unique week long immersion experience for our Upper School grade 7-8 students. The program's goal is for students to engage with communities and service organizations from a place of mutual respect and admiration for the people they serve. Students apply character strength learning into their experience, seeking to identify character strengths within themselves and others, regardless of their current situation.

Accompanied and guided by their teachers, students grow as they delve into their individual character traits and start to understand how those unique traits can help them make an impact serving in God’s world. They challenge and strengthen their Christian faith as they engage respectfully with different cultures and viewpoints.


Grade 7 Experience

In partnership with the Mayerson Foundation, students go through character strength training and learn about strengths within themselves and in each other. Students will learn about the plight of child slaves in Haiti through the Restavek Freedom Foundation. They will also be led through several service immersion experiences while learning how to leverage their God-given character strengths, with organizations such as Matthew 25 Ministries and a variety of social service agencies throughout the community. When students return to campus, they will engage in a variety of reflection activities including an opportunity to share why their work mattered, and where they saw a character strength displayed in someone they served.

Grade 8 Experience

Building upon what they learned during their grade 7 COW Week experience (service from a place of respect and how to leverage their God-given strengths), all grade 8 students engage in service immersion outside the classroom for the week. They can choose from a range of experiences including local service, traveling within the United States, and serving on the annual Back2Back Monterrey mission trip. Students will engage in and learn about different cultures and how they can make a Kingdom impact not only within our own community, but in others as well. There are six service opportunities in 2018-2019.
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