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Grades 7-8

Gr 7-8 students in art class

Stepping out of childhood (and into young adulthood)

Empowering students with the tools, knowledge, and disciplines to flourish in the high school years is what CHCA’s Upper School 7-8 program is all about. We accomplish this by engaging students at all levels—relational, cognitive, and spiritual—which results in academic, social, and emotional readiness for students. With a culture that fosters maturity and school spirit, students rise to meet increased expectations for taking ownership of their learning and environment. Students launch into high school positioned for success from day one.

So, what makes Upper School 7-8 at CHCA so unique?

  • Earn high school credit as early as Grade 7
  • Socratic approach integrates theological understanding and encourages critical thinking skills
  • Collegiate writing is introduced in Grades 7 and 8 (and mastered in Grades 9-12)
  • Culture of engagement encourages students to leverage these important years to try something new, discover their unique gifts, and customize their studies to follow their interests.
  • “Student Directed Learning” (SDL) affords students personal responsibility time to advance their own learning
  • Students challenge themselves to meet personal goals, reflecting on their progress through their input into parent/teacher conferences
  • Spirit week, service immersions, student government, chapel, socials, unique clubs, and overnight trips create a climate where positive student, teacher, and peer relationships are fostered
That’s just a start. We invite you to immerse yourself in our complete Upper School grades 7–8 program, and explore the various opportunities available to students.
My favorite part of teaching is sharing my enthusiasm with these kids and seeing the light bulb come on when I’ve shared something that resonates with them. It’s just one of those teacher moments when I’m so glad I’m doing what I’m doing.Faculty member

Beyond the Upper 7-8 School Day