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Upper School (Gr 7-12)

Did you know? CHCA is home to Cincinnati's only Christ-centered, six-year, college prep high school experience.

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Christ Centered

Means you’ll gain a foundation for a Christ-centered worldview and graduate with deeper understanding of faith.

six years

Means you’ll have more time to explore and discover who God made you to be. That’s six years instead of four to prepare for what lies ahead.

college prep

Means you’ll not only be prepared to thrive in the college classroom, but also enter the world with the self-confidence from knowing who you are, what you believe, and the skills to interact with people whose viewpoints differ from yours.


Means you’ll learn through hands-on, real-world engagement. Seeing and experiencing the world makes all the difference, and authentic learning experiences transform you, helping you see that the world is a classroom awaiting to be engaged.

At CHCA, we believe your education should be dynamic and immersive. You will not only question, consider, discover, test, fail, and thrive, all while working with exceptional Christian teachers; you will also get a hands-on experience like no other Upper School in Cincinnati. From Grade 7 through Grade 12, the Upper School offers amazing experiences centered on preparing you to dive into today's complex world, and a unique and challenging curriculum centered on preparing you to be a Christian of consequence.

Here you will discover that our academic environment is designed for students to thrive, and robust extracurricular offerings allow you to further explore and grow your gifts and leadership skills. Our goal is that you graduate fully prepared and confident to succeed in college and beyond, with discerning wisdom, courageous curiosity, and resilient Christian faith.

We invite you to explore CHCA’s Upper School

Discover how you can find your place and pursue your gifts. Find out more about the Upper School program's unique offerings for Grades 7-8 and Grades 9-12Schedule a visit  today.