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Upper Elementary Symmes Township 4-6

Flourishing in the “in-between” years

The Upper Elementary program bridges important transitional years by creating an encouraging environment where students flourish, discovering their strengths as they develop confidence and resilience in the face of new challenges and opportunities. Throughout these exciting, and sometimes complex years, we also support and shape students’ growth through socials, chapel, service opportunities, and a robust mix of co-curriculars. Students are prepared intellectually, socially, and spiritually to lean into what comes next.
How might opportunities like these shape your student’s life?
  • Our tailored approach to learning is informed by a “growth mindset”, challenging students to learn from mistakes and persist through difficulty.
  • Faith incorporated throughout the curriculum inspires and challenges students to grow and celebrate their relationship with God.
  • Teaching approach where students construct knowledge through research, collaboration, and hands-on application versus rote memorization.
  • Homeroom time is intentionally designed to build a supportive community and sense of belonging among students.
  • Under the nurturing guidance of teachers, students develop a toolkit of study skills and learning habits, as they increase personal responsibility for their learning.
That’s just a start. We invite you to immerse yourself in our complete program, including student life and activities.
Lower School teacher with 2 of her students
My favorite part of teaching is sharing my enthusiasm with these kids and seeing the light bulb come on when I’ve shared something that resonates with them. It’s just one of those teacher moments when I’m so glad I’m doing what I’m doing.lower school Faculty member

Beyond the Upper E School Day