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God created your child with one-of-a-kind gifts.

CHCA's Kindergarten environment is designed to help your child flourish in those gifts each step of their learning journey.

We're glad you're here. Selecting the right kindergarten for your child is one of the most important decisions a parent makes. Our team is dedicated to making your family’s experience personal, thorough, and enjoyable.  Learn more and inquire today.
What makes CHCA kindergarten so special?
  • Students are not taught what to think, but how to think.  We leverage a teaching approach where students construct knowledge through research, collaboration, and hands-on application versus rote memorization.

  • We’ve designed unique learning spaces like a state-of-the-art science enrichment lab, outdoor classrooms, learning gardens, robotics lab, greenhouse, and teaching kitchen for your child to explore and grow because we believe learning should be experiential.

  • At the heart of our program are expert, Christian teachers who artfully integrate a Christ-centered approach into the daily academic rhythm, inspiring and challenging children to grow and celebrate their relationship with God.

  • Your child’s academic program is complemented by weekly enrichment featuring science, library, Spanish, computer, physical education, music, art, lunch, recess, and chapel.

  • Both classroom and campus-wide special events encourage your family to develop meaningful relationships in our Christ-centered community.

  • When the school day is over, the learning doesn’t stop. Your child can grow their gifts and build peer relationships through extraordinary extra-curricular experiences across the arts, athletics, and more – all in our top-notch facilities.

Back-to-school family picnics, parent-only socials, and school-wide  celebrations build community within homerooms and across grade levels and campuses.
We emphasize literacy by devoting class time to free reading, sending Book Bags home, holding reading contests, giving students additional leveled reading with the EPIC app, developing site word vocabulary and using it in journals, and conducting research in age-appropriate sources.
We worked on teamwork, communication, strategy and fun building woodland shelters in our outdoor classroom with our Science Enrichment Teacher.
Multiple service projects like Operation Christmas Child and gifting an animal to a family around the world help children realize even Kindergartners can make a big impact.
We got to see how plants are grown year round at CHCA's Greenhouse and compare that to how plants grow in the raised bed garden outside by our classroom.
Programming Dash to move, talk, and flash colors in our robotics lab!
Making homemade guacamole in CHCA's Teaching Kitchen helps students deepen their understanding of where their food comes from and how it gets prepared.
Dramatic Play Centers fuel imaginations, help children learn creative problem-solving and conflict resolution, and help young learners connect spoken and written language.
We discovered many colors and textures found in real animal pelts.
CHCA provides multiple opportunities for students to learn, create and perform. Kindergartners can also take on-site music lessons or learn in CHCA's own Dance Academy.
We learn about units of measure and practice with measuring tools.
We explored what a gas can do to a balloon (even though we can't see the gas) in a real science lab with real science equipment like beakers and flasks.
On Silly Sock Day we read books about feet, measured our feet, painted our footprint, designed our own pair of socks, and much more!
In an Woodland Animal Inquiry unit, each student chose one animal to research using the Pebble Go search engine then taught their classmates about the habitat, food, body and a fun fact about their animal.
In a shadow lab, students experimented with moving an object to see how the shadow size changes and how to make colored shadows using colored plastic overlays with a flashlight.
Kindergartner at the Learning Fair with his display
A celebration of thinking, questioning, and creativity, the Learning Fair encourages and motivates students to research a topic of their choice the create a project.

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