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Essential Questions

Why are questions so essential at CHCA?

Questions open the doors to lifelong learning and lifelong faith, and we're not afraid to ask the tough questions. They engage us with God’s world by compelling us to examine it more closely and courageously.

That’s why we love questions at CHCA. Every subject, every experience, and every day provide new opportunities to delve into intellectual and spiritual inquiry.

From preschool through graduation day, and even beyond, our students have been given the foundation to challenge—to look more closely, think more critically, and know themselves more fully by wrestling with life’s most enduring questions. As your student explores these questions, alongside expert Christian teachers and supportive peers, she comes to own her faith—and her learning.

Want to know more about essential questions? Ask us how they fuel our whole child philosophy and our curriculum.

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Being educated doesn’t mean you have all the answers. It means you know what the questions are and have the confidence, curiosity, and intellectual ability to wrestle with them.”UPPER SCHOOL FACULTY MEMBER
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