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PK3-PK5 Armleder Campus, Downtown Cincinnati

The CHCA Armleder Early Learning Program is designed to provide our youngest students with a safe, nurturing, and stimulating introduction to school. The program reflects the principles of the Reggio-Emilia philosophy of Early Childhood Education and developmentally appropriate practices from the National Association of Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The Reggio Emilia Philosophy inspired approach is student centered, innovative, and values each child as strong, capable, resilient, and rich with wonder and knowledge. It also encourages children to explore, discover, question, observe, and construct meaning individually and collaboratively as they participate in projects and investigations that emerge through their work.

As our youngest students strengthen both their mind and their faith, they are prepared intellectually, socially, and spiritually for the next step in their learning journey.

CHCA’s Armleder Early Learning Program is located in our Otto Armleder Memorial Education Center building in downtown Cincinnati. There are limited openings in this program, so early applications (prior to February) are recommended. Find out more about the program below, or contact our Admissions Office to set up a tour.

Beyond the EL Armleder School Day