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Early Learning Program (Ages 2-4)

A,E,I,O,U... and sometimes, why

“Why?” It’s probably a preschooler’s favorite question. At their age, everything is so new and fascinating—they can’t help but try to figure out how the world around them works.

At CHCA, we know our youngest students are innately curious and need a dynamic learning environment that meets them at their level during the early years. We know a multi-sensory approach can help them learn concepts so we teach with songs and visual cues. We know their imaginations are constantly sparking with ideas, so our librarian gives them a chance to be a part of the storytelling. We know that with their knack for observation they make great scientists, so we let them explore the natural world through hands-on projects in our creative studio, The Atelier. We also know that it’s never too early to learn that God loves us, so time is set aside each day to pray for each other and learn more about our creator.

A top Cincinnati early childhood education program

Our Early Learning Program curriculum thoughtfully combines the best practices in early childhood education and development, complemented by a balance of self-directed and teacher-led learning activities. Employing a Reggio-inspired approach, the program also provides meaningful, engaged, and effective learning. It is well-planned and organized, with instructional strategies to support, challenge, make connections to experiences and previous learning, and extend each child’s abilities and skills. Students stay physically and mentally active throughout the day, engaging in a learning environment designed just for them.

Preschool should be a fun, stimulating, safe, and nurturing introduction to school—a time that sets the stage for a lifetime love of learning. So when children come to us with the “why?”, we help them find the answer!


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I look at these children, and they’re all little now. But I know that someday they’re going to be teachers, doctors, musicians, scientists—they’ll be in all kinds of positions of influence. Think of all the lives they’ll impact in the future.Parent of a preschooler