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Reaching new levels of engagement each and every day

Our entire community works together toward one goal: your eighteen-year-old graduate, ready and eager to take on the challenges of college and adult life. We call this “beginning with the end in mind”— and nowhere does our philosophy shine through more clearly than in our curriculum. Because a third grader doesn’t learn the same way a sophomore does, our intentionally planned program incorporates not only what your student needs to learn, but how he or she needs to learn it at his or her particular stage of development.

In Upper School, students get ready for college and beyond by engaging in rigorous college-preparatory academics (including a wide selection of A.P. courses), challenging and deepening their faith through Christian Studies, and investigating God’s world—and their own lives—during Intersession. As students in grades 7-8 enter the Upper School, they learn to deeply connect personal, concrete experiences with abstract concepts, taking our Essential Questions approach to a deeper level.

In the Lower School, we vertically build skills and concepts in math, science, language arts, and more, while fostering children’s natural curiosity through an experiential approach. Thematic units become more complex as students approach the upper elementary grades.

In the preschool early learning years, we nurture children’s cognitive, language, social, physical, emotional, creative, and spiritual development, building a steadfast foundation for the formal learning experiences ahead.

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The curriculum here is meaningful and intentional. CHCA doesn’t shelter students—they make sure they engage, at age-appropriate levels, with challenging questions and different points of view. Upper Elementary parent