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CHCA Students, Fully Prepared

Advanced Placement (

AP® )


Summer 2019

• High school enrollment eligible to take AP classes (Gr 10-12) 320
• Percent of students in Gr 10-12 taking AP classes 43%
• Number of AP exams taken 266
• Number of students taking AP exams 138
• Percent of students scoring 3 and above 89.1%
• Number of AP Scholars (students scoring 3 or higher on three or more AP exams) 54
• Number of National AP Scholars 7



CHCA offers 20 courses authorized by College Board to carry the Advanced Placement designation. Each exam has multiple choice and writing sections. AP exam grades are reported on a 5-point scale:

5 Extremely well qualified*
4 Well qualified*
3 Qualified*
2 Possibly qualified*
1 No recommendation**

*Qualified to receive college credit or advanced placement
** No recommendation to receive college credit or advanced placement

SAT I and ACT  (Upper School 9-12)

CHCA students choose to take either or both the SAT and ACT test for college admissions. Each of the three sections of the SAT has a possible score of 800, with a total possible score of 2400, while the ACT maximum score is 36.

2019 -- CHCA SAT and ACT Test Results
(38 students)
Evidence Based Reading/Writing Math      
CHCA Top 25% mean 710 704    
CHCA Top 50% mean 643



(127 students)

Composite English Reading Math Science
CHCA Top 25% mean 32.4 34.5 32.6 31.9 31.7
CHCA Top 50% mean 28.9 29.7 30.1 28.5 28.0

State and national data not currently available for either test.

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