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Upper School teacher lecturing
Our teachers challenged us to wrestle with hard questions, and taught us to think more deeply.CHCA Graduate

 How do we fully prepare students for college—and life beyond?


Every part of our curriculum is carefully planned. From pre-school through Grade 12, we have one end goal in mind: your student ready to positively impact and influence the world according to his or her God-given gifts. We do this by fully-engaging them cognitively, spiritually, and relationally, each step of the way.

So, how do they fully engage?

  • Through vigorous inquiry, as students strengthen their minds and their faith by engaging with life’s most complex essential questions.
  • Through persistent effort, as inspiring teachers motivate students to reach new heights of academic achievement.
  • Through a Lower School thematic approach that connects specific concepts to larger contexts, developing agile, inquisitive, critical thinkers.
  • Through theological integration, which guides students to make meaningful theological connections to every subject they study.
  • Through a wealth of A.P. courses and a meticulous, personalized college counseling process.

On graduation day, our students are prepared to take the next step with confidence. And they can’t wait to take it.

Being on the other side of the high school journey, I can affirm that CHCA fully prepared me for my future. The lessons learned at CHCA – both academic and spiritual – will stick with me the rest of my life.Alumna, class of 2014