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Board of Trustees

CHCA's Board of Trustees is comprised of a minimum of 12 members affirmed for a three-year term by the Association (parents or legal guardians with one or more children enrolled at CHCA). Board members whose first terms expire may be reaffirmed by the Board for a second three-year term.

The duties of the Board of Trustees are:

  1. Determine school policies in harmony with the Articles of Incorporation and Constitution and in accordance with Association decisions.
  2. Actively seek ways of effective communication between the Association members and the Board, and be sensitive to the needs and concerns of the Association.
  3. Approve and encourage an administrative and teaching staff who are qualified to carry out the educational program and policies of the school.
  4. Ensure the necessary funding for operating the school and determine its distribution.
  5. Assure itself of the faithful carrying out of the school’s educational program and policies by consistent involvement in school activities.
  6. Appoint such committees as it may deem necessary for the performance of its duties and designate the Chair of these committees.
  7. Faithfully carry out the foundational principles of Christian education by directing the process of consideration and appointment of its members. Furthermore, the Board shall orient new members and develop all members in Christian leadership.
  8. Enact bylaws to govern and regulate the operations of the Board.
Board of Trustees
2020-2021  Members (pictured above)

Back Row (L to R): Jon Adams ‘95; Ben Beshear ’97 (President); Jon Snyder ‘98; Kevin Hansell; Randy Brunk (Head of School)

Front Row (L to R): Jude Schramm (Treasurer); Kirk Kirkland; Brian Van Jura (Past President); Jennifer Eng; Amy Connor (Vice President); Wendy Mitchell; Angela Sweeney; Jason McSwain; Scott Phillips (Secretary)

Not Pictured:  Andy Espenshade; Rod Flynn