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CHCA Distinctives

At CHCA, students have MORE unique and extraordinary experiences that expand how
they see God’s world and their role in it. They get an education that prepares them for life.
In short, they find their place & pursue their gifts. 

Theological Integration
(Integrated Christian Studies Curriculum)

Early Learning Program and Lower School students are exposed to God’s word through daily scripture lessons and bible memory verses. Our Thematic Learning Approach integrates theological understanding into all subjects. Upper School students participate in collegiate-level Christian Studies courses designed to invite challenging questions as students pursue a rich understanding of truth and develop a personal, resilient faith in Christ. Thus, teaching students how to think, not what to think. Connections to theological insights are incorporated across all subjects.

Look through a Christ-Centered Lens

Upper School Students studying the Bible

CHCA student kissing a giraffe

Intersession Experience

In one of CHCA’s most exceptional programs, Upper School students will spend two weeks off campus exploring the world with hands-on, intensive, experiential learning. Whether it’s traveling locally or abroad, lending a hand to neighbors around our city or the world, experiencing cultural immersion, taking on an internship, or learning new skills, you’ll engage with God’s world in dynamic and interesting ways and return to the classroom with new perspectives.

Adventure Awaits You

Student Organized Service (S.O.S.)

Each year more than 70 student leaders use their one-of-a-kind gifts to serve beyond themselves and meet needs in the community. By participating, you graduate with a deeper understanding of both the challenges and solutions for some of today's most pressing issues, and the inspiration and compassion to make an impact.

make a difference

Upper School students working on housing construction project

CHCA International student working on laptop

International Student Program (ISP)

Home to one of the largest programs in our region, and having hosted students from over 25 countries, CHCA provides an exceptional cross-cultural program and a diverse representation of students from around the globe. International students provide a unique opportunity for American students to extend their understanding of other cultures beyond the classroom. Intentional cross-cultural initiatives and the natural development of friendships among International and American students make it possible for all students to experience rich cultural diversity on a daily basis.

broaden your horizons

Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Studies

This program is more than just a business class—it is real-world exploration where innovative education moves past classroom walls.  While there are a number of student-run businesses (the coffee and smoothie bar with a full espresso menu, the horticulture management group with an eCommerce platform, and the teaching kitchen with farm-to-table practices) the emphasis is firmly rooted in student-centric growth. At CHCA, we provide opportunities to solve real world problems in a variety of leadership roles and equip students with the necessary tools to develop skills that will lead them to future success.

"working while in school" has a whole new meaning

Upper School student working at the Leaning Eagle coffee shop

Upper School athlete in the Sports Performance center


Twenty varsity teams directed by accomplished coaching staff and a unique state-of-the-art Sports Performance and Training facilities and regimen challenge you to perform at the highest level of competition. You’ll build mental acuity, emotional resilience, and leadership skills. In addition, a Youth Athletics Program serves our youngest students who are just learning basic skills and techniques.

Our Athletics is more than Just "Sports" 

Fine Arts

Our highly acclaimed and award-winning programs put each student’s artistic potential in the spotlight. Offering best-in-class visual and performing arts programming for students PK through Grade 12, CHCA's faculty, who are experts in their field, work to coach, motivate, and inspire the gifted and the curious to perform beyond what they think is possible.

Our Arts Await You

Lion King Jr. actors
Beak Squad member working on project

Beak Squad Robotics

These globally ranked programs encourage and inspire scientific and technological pursuits for students in both the Lower and Upper Schools. Through team collaboration and the mentorship of industry professionals, you will learn to bridge the gap between practical problems and creative solutions.

Rotors and Gears and Servos Oh My!


CHCA students aspire to a nature of excellence that includes an understanding of health and wellness and the ability to raise awareness about the importance of food and food systems. Students are educated alongside the school’s raised bed learning gardens and vineyard and the state-of-the-art greenhouse, and this education does not stop there. As part of the Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Studies programming, the school’s teaching kitchen, a permanent structure attached to the greenhouse, is equipped with a mobile traveling unit, extending food education, culinary instruction, and nutritional well-being to students of all ages. 

Upper School students studying plant growth in the greenhouse
Upper School teacher speaking with students in the Innovation center

Collaboration & Innovation Spaces

Dedicated collaborative spaces foster creativity and provide areas where students and teachers can supplement lectures with dimensional learning. In these labs, students are free to experiment, manipulate, and take risks in their learning in ways that stimulate discussion and creative thinking.

Personal Responsibility Time (PRT)
Student Directed Learning (SDL)

As an Upper School student, you are given empowered ownership of schedules and outcomes, encouraging time management, self-advocacy, and collaboration more typically seen at the college level.

Smiling Early Learning student

The Atelier

As part of the Blake Lindner Thompson Early Childhood Learning Center, this unique and engaging studio space for our youngest learners encourages creative expression, exploration, and collaboration through the use of countless stimuli and materials.

Show me more!

Outdoor Learning Spaces

Students in preschool through Grade 12 have access to our outdoor learning spaces. CHCA's Interactive Learning Gardens and outdoor classrooms (located between Founders’ and EBL campuses) are where thematic units are brought to life in nature year round. The gardens have also provided hundreds of pounds of fresh, organic produce food to local food pantries.

Lower School Students exploring the Learning Garden