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Visual Identity

We want to reflect the academically excellent, vibrant, connected community we aspire to be.

Brand Guidelines are not meant to restrict, rather to serve as guardrails for maintaining a consistent brand experience. 

Consistently applying CHCA's visual identity along our brand messaging is critical to build awareness and mindshare for our CHCA brand.  When we get it right, current or prospective families, alumni, faculty, staff, and even the Greater Cincinnati community will recognize CHCA when they see and/or hear it.  

These resources provide simple guidelines to ensure that the CHCA branding is applied consistently and with integrity over a wide range of media and situations.  

Questions or need help? Reach out to a contact at the bottom of these pages.

Here are a few examples of successful CHCA branding that reveal our personality, enhance our surroundings, and communicate our unity as Eagles.

They will soar on wings like eagles;

AS students field day

Field Day for Armleder students

CHCA nameplate on wall plaque

CHCA full logo on entrance door

commencement caps

Sea of graduation caps

CHCA Eagles baseball

Eagle's Eye magazine and Annual Report

Eagle Nation banner

42nd Street Production

CHCA Spirit Pencils

The Greenhouse

LS cheerleaders with Sandy

Lower School principal leading the cheerleaders

CHCA Journal Merchandise

Lower School student at Pathway graduation

Wall Graphic - CHCA Seal

Lower School student on pathway to Upper Elementary

Lower School student at Pathway graduation

Graduating Senior

CHCA logo on coffee mug

PK students at greenhouse

Upper School gymnasium

International Students at welcome lunch

International Students welcome lunch

Brand colors wall execution

Armleder Lower School students

CHCA Mascot, Isaiah the Eagle with faculty

What is More card deck

MSL theater/gymnasium entrance

MSL Theater and Gymnasium entrance

CHCA cheerleaders and supporting crowd in Football stadium bleachers

CHCA cheerleaders and crowd at Lindner Athletic Field

Go CHCA sign

Go CHCA sign


Beak Squad robotics team

Homecoming Alumni sweatshirts

Branded Spirit wear

CHCA Mascot, Isaiah the Eagle merchandise

Spirit filled Upper Elementary students

Athletics awards wall execution

Electric Jazz Orchestra

Brand themed event decorations

Girls soccer players

Armleder Ancestral History Cup

Lower School choir

The Eagle Mascot coasters

Spirit wear

Football team entrance

Spiritual life

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