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25th Annual ArtBeat Festival Reminds Us What Art is All About at CHCA
Anna Brink, Fine Arts Communications and Project Coordinator

As I sat in Miracle Commons, which had been transformed overnight into "ArtBeat Avenue Theater" complete with stage, lighting, curtains, and piano, I watched in pure delight as an EBL student sang in full costume on stage. Behind me, a little voice whispered to her mom, "I think I could do that next year." 

Later while listening to another soloist, my attention drifted to her dad, sitting in the third row, mouthing every word of the song right along with her. And the mixture of joy, pride, and relief on his face as she bowed at the end was unmistakable.  

In the afternoon, waiting to see a student of mine perform in Lindner Theater, a dancer began a lyrical number. In the first few moments, I gasped--captivated by the choreography and expression! I felt a story unfolding and unintentionally said out loud, "Wow." 

These are the moments that bring tears to my eyes. These are the moments that unquestionably point to the very purpose and motivation of ArtBeat. All the hours of volunteering, all the months of preparation, all the hard work from performers to get ready, all the hours put into creating the artwork--this is why we do it. And it's so worth it.  

The "good old days" of talent shows in Town Square are behind us. Opportunities to perform a myriad of live performances chosen by the performers themselves are few and almost non-existent. An opportunity to view collections of artworks in all mediums and grade levels while watching actual professionals create art at the same time is really unheard of. Unless you have ArtBeat, which thankfully, we do. 

Every time our students attend a rehearsal, put their artwork on display, or get up on that stage, they’re not only building confidence, but they’re inspiring others to enjoy a beautiful piece of the world around them and perhaps create something of their own.  

Every time our students engage in a new kind of art, it takes them on a journey to discover not only a new art form, but a new part of themselves.  

Every time our students delight in the Arts, it not only brings joy in the moment, but it fosters a life-long appreciation for music, art, dance, and theatre that will enrich their lives for years to come.  

And last but not least, every time our students are encouraged to connect through art to the One who loves them so much, their relationship with God deepens just a bit more. He was and is, after all, the first Artist. 

Here at CHCA, the Arts are more than just an elective that fills extra time in a schedule or makes someone look good on a college application. The Arts are an essential part of our students’ education that inspires, engages, delights, and connects them to God.  

Enjoy a small selection of the many wonderful photos taken during ArtBeat, courtesy of Tammy Rosenfeldt, Jason Null, and Kendyl Hippe.



Anna Brink taught Gr 7 Language Arts, Drama, Newspaper, and Communications for six years beginning in 2000. Anna helped start the CHCA theatre program for the middle grades in 2003 with their first musical, Annie Jr. and now works in the Fine Arts office. She is certified in the iTheatrics Method, a professional development program for directors focused on youth performers. Aside from the multiple shows she has directed at CHCA, Anna is a contracted writer and editor for iTheatrics and She lives in Lebanon with her husband and four children and she is very excited to add "CHCA Parent" to her list of titles, as her older two children now attend the Upper School!

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