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Was CHCA the Right Choice for Me?
Madeline Northup '21

As a young eighth grader, I was interested in many things. I was looking for a school that would provide me with many opportunities to achieve my goals. The first time I stepped foot into CHCA, was to watch the production of Anything Goes, one of my favorite musicals. I walked into the theater and took one look at the stage and said to myself, “I want to be up there one day.” The sets, the costume, the actors: they all amazed me. I wanted to be a part of it. Fast forward a year, and I am enrolled as a freshman at CHCA, stepping onto that stage for the first time, discovering that anybody could be a part of what I had dreamed about ever since my visit.

 Gr 9-12  Les Misérables, School Edition

US Latin teacher Dr. Jim Lipovsky escorts students on biennial trips to his alma mater, Princeton University

Talking about religious harmony with references to the Pittsburgh Jewish synagogue shootings earned Madeline 3rd place at the Rotary Club of NE Cincinnati’s 4-Way Speech Contest

Gr 7-12 James and the Giant Peach


Theater was not the only opportunity offered to me by CHCA. On my shadow day, I was able to sit in on what is now one of my favorite classes. Through CHCA, I found my love of languages when I experienced Upper School teacher Dr. Lipovsky’s Latin class. Now, as a junior, I am in Latin III Honors and looking forward to taking Greek and AP Latin next year. I am even considering majoring in Classics because of Dr. Lipovsky and the opportunities CHCA has given me!

CHCA has not only given me opportunities inside of its walls, but also out in the world. In the Upper School, we have Intersession either in January or May, where we can either travel, intern, or serve. For example, my freshman year, I got to go to Walt Disney World and perform with the choir. We also got to travel around different nursing homes and homeless shelters to perform after we got back from Florida! Sophomore year, I served at the Father’s House in Hamilton, Ohio, and Junior year, I got to intern at the Cincinnati Enquirer. These opportunities not only offered me a way to bond with my fellow classmates and help the community, but also to broaden my horizon. If I had not decided to go to CHCA, I would not have been able to witness such unique, amazing experiences.

"If I had not decided to go to CHCA, I would not have been able to witness such unique, amazing experiences."

These experiences are only a few out of the many CHCA has provided for me. The rigorous academics, first rate sports, and top-notch robotics team at CHCA are unrivaled. CHCA Upper School truly raises us up to be better than we think we can be. Through faith, friendship, and fellowship, each student is nurtured in an environment where opportunities are everywhere, one only needs to have ambition. So, did I make the right choice in coming to CHCA?  Yes, I definitely did!

About the Author

Madeline Northup is a member of the Class of 2021 and came to CHCA as a freshman. Looking ahead, she plans to expand her knowledge of Latin in college, as well as Greek and Ancient Mythology. Alongside possibly teaching Latin, Madeline plans to be a novelist and complete her book that she is currently writing about her grandfather. She loves writing, and even explored the field of journalism at her internship with the Cincinnati Enquirer. No matter what may lie ahead, though, she thanks CHCA for all that its wonderful faculty, staff, and students have done for her.

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