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Three Key Differences Between SGO and Giving at CHCA
Jennifer Cooke, Content Strategy & Communications Manager

It’s well known that private schools are fueled by the generosity of those who align with the school’s mission and feel called to give. CHCA is no exception: Our community thrives because people see the value of students developing their God-given gifts in a Christ-centered environment committed to excellence in all things.

This school year, you’ve likely seen the content on socials (and in your inbox) announcing both giving and SGO. At a first glance, they might seem like one and the same—a to-may-to/to-mah-to situation. But key differences in these initiatives mean you can bless CHCA in bigger and better ways, and without spending more than you’ve already budgeted for.

How’s that possible? We’ll get there in a minute, but first, here’s a crash course in SGO.

What is SGO?
Scholarship Granting Organizations, or SGOs, are registered K–12 private schools in Ohio eligible to receive redirected tax dollars to fund academic scholarships for students with financial needs. Through the Ohio Christian Education Network SGO, CHCA is able to offer this program for Ohio taxpayers and thereby help more students thrive in one of the state’s top private schools.

Unlike a general financial gift to CHCA, which counts as a tax-deductible charitable contribution, gifts made through the SGO program earn a dollar-for-dollar credit toward what donors owe in taxes to the state, essentially making it a cost-free way to give.

Giving v. SGO
Giving and SGO are like sisters—they share the same DNA, but certain characteristics make each unique. Let’s look at three traditional categories of financial gifts and how giving and SGO fit into each.

Giving to CHCA at any time of the year is a blessing celebrated throughout our community. But there are times when giving can make a different—and sometimes bigger—impact.

Throughout the school year, our giving team uses a few key events as collective opportunities for our community to give: Founders’ Day, Giving Tuesday, December 31, and 30 Hours of Giving & Gratitude. Some of these dates follow broader national calls for giving (Giving Tuesday is acknowledged by nonprofits throughout the U.S.), while others align with anniversaries specific to CHCA, like Founders’ Day. Though these events are specific calls to give, we welcome gifts at any time of the year, whether mailed to our office, hand delivered, or given online.

With SGO, you may give year-round, but donations received by April 15 are eligible to receive a tax credit toward the previous year’s taxes. If you give in the fall, keep your receipt to show proof of SGO participation on your taxes in the spring. You may also give to SGO the day you file your taxes and still receive a tax credit.

Our school relies on the generosity of you, our community, to fund our top-ranked programs and initiatives. Through your giving, we’re able to provide as many students as possible with a life-changing, Christ-centered education. While similar in concept, giving and SGO steward your funds in different ways.

We always encourage giving to support our mission, and those who do see a large return on their investment through students who spread the light of Christ wherever they go. However, many also choose to designate their gifts to fund a specific program that resonates with their passions, such as athletics, fine arts, faith and service, or academics. When you designate your gift as such, your funds are specifically earmarked for those programs to advance students’ experiences within each.

Redirecting your tax dollars to SGO, though, puts that donation in a separate academic scholarship fund to help students who otherwise wouldn’t have the financial means to attend CHCA. All students who apply to CHCA and show a demonstrated financial need are eligible to apply for an SGO scholarship, and applications are open from December through mid-July for the next school year. Funds given to SGO further our initial call as a missional school and help to fulfill our desire to reach as many students as possible through a world-class, Christ-centered education.

When you give to a cause you care about, you make an investment today that will reap a return for years to come. But other than a thank-you email and general sense of goodwill, what are the benefits of giving to a private school?

Gifts received to support CHCA’s mission and vision continue our call to offer a world-class, holistic education. As we seek to graduate students who become beacons in a broken world, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our academics, co-curricular programs, and faith and service opportunities. Those who give to CHCA—whether to our general fund or a passion area—join us as we innovate to provide the highest quality education, best possible programming, and first-class theologically integrated courses.

Donations to SGO function in a similar capacity—they fuel the future leaders of our city, country, and world by funding academic scholarships for deserving students. However, participation in SGO comes with an added benefit for those who give: a dollar-for-dollar tax credit toward your Ohio state taxes. Single filers can donate up to $750, and married couples filing jointly can donate up to $1,500 to receive the tax credit. This credit is an incredible way to redirect money you already owe to help students become all God has called them to be.

Double Your Impact!
Giving to CHCA and participating in SGO are both ways to support our mission. And because gifts to SGO use tax money you already owe, doubling your gifts has never been easier. Our school is already seeing the incredible effects of these two modes of generosity. Many in our community have blessed CHCA above and beyond an annual gift with their additional participation in SGO. Students are feeling the impact of both gifts that expand our programs and those that fund academic scholarships. We’re seeing more people make a Kingdom difference, as your generosity makes it possible for more students to experience the power of a world-class, Christ-centered education.

Ready to give? Participate in SGO. Give an additional gift to CHCA.

We are excited to partner with you as we graduate students equipped to impact and influence the world!

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