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EBL’s Year-Long Wildflower Quest: The Beauty of Integration
Anna Brink, Fine Arts Communications and Project Manager

If you give a mouse a cookie… You know what happens next! But what happens when you give a second-grade class a technology lesson in photography? With a group of ambitious students and teachers like CHCA has, it leads to a year-long, cross-curricular quest, culminating in “The Second Grade Wildflower Guidebooks: A Collaborative Effort of Science, Technology, and Art.”  

But let’s back up a bit and follow the chain of events as they occurred throughout the school year.  

In August of 2022, the brand-new second grade students had a lesson in photography during Technology Class.  

Then in the Science Lab, students used this new knowledge while on a wildflower hike to identify and photograph 10 specific flowers growing in the CHCA Outdoor Classroom. They continued their research as they documented specific information about each plant, such as height, bloom time, light needs, and insect attraction.  

Just after Winter Break in Art Class, students learned how to create hand-made recycled paper, upon which they would soon be painting. They chose their favorite wildflowers from the project and studied their basic lines, shapes, and colors. Next, they learned about a unique multimedia technique called “Line and Wash.” Students drew their wildflowers on their hand-made paper, traced them with permanent ink, and then filled the shapes with hues of watercolor.  

In Spring of 2023, the quest continued back in Tech Class as students used their photos and research to digitally create their own Wildflower Guidebook. They applied technology skills such as file management, use of templates, importing photos, and editing icons. And just before the last day of school, the quest was complete! 

As beautiful as the finished products are, what’s even more beautiful is the progression of growth that happened throughout the year, particularly that students were able to let their curiosity and depth of knowledge grow naturally from one step to another—from one class to the other. At CHCA, we are so thankful for teachers who are willing to collaborate “Together as One,” turning a lesson into an adventure.

Pictured are the students’ Wildflower Guidebooks. Thanks to the 3 wonderful teachers who led this project: Mindy Gallagher (Science Lab), Kelly Lum (Art), and Sarah Hendrix (Technology).



Anna Brink taught Gr 7 Language Arts, Drama, Newspaper, and Communications for six years beginning in 2000. Anna helped start the CHCA theatre program for the middle grades in 2003 with their first musical, Annie Jr. and now works in the Fine Arts office. She is certified in the iTheatrics Method, a professional development program for directors focused on youth performers. Aside from the multiple shows she has directed at CHCA, Anna is a contracted writer and editor for iTheatrics and She lives in Lebanon with her husband and four children and she is very excited to add "CHCA Parent" to her list of titles, as her older two children now attend the Upper School!

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