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Madeline Northup '21
A few weeks ago, I found out that one of my old friends was in the hospital with a recurring brain tumor. I was shocked, and quickly reached out to him to see how he was doing. As I FaceTimed with him while he sat in his hospital room, I was surprised at how hopeful he was. When faced with a life-altering challenge, he did not cower or falter. He remained optimistic and had hope.
Sunrise at CHCA

During these difficult times, it seems to many of us that all we hear is the word, “can’t”. We can’t congregate in groups of ten or more. We can’t enter any building without a face covering. We can’t travel without repercussions.

The global pandemic cannot take away everything, though. We have proven that this year.
Covid can’t take away learning. Everyday our teachers come to school, despite the risk. We enter the school doors as well, knowing that the same risk exists for us. But we have persisted together.
Covid can’t take away creativity. Recently, the Susan Jung original musical, Reckless, made its debut on our stage with precautions including clear masks and an innovative set. Instead of giving up and cancelling the shows, the cast, crew, and director found new ways to perform. Besides theater, our orchestra and band classes have continued safely with precautions, as well as our art classes.
Covid can’t take away movement. Our sports teams have safely finished their fall seasons, and are looking forward to more action in the winter and spring.
Covid can’t take away service. Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to find new ways to help people. Many SOS groups have altered their groups in ways that make them safe for everyone to participate.
Covid can’t take away faith. Though chapel looks a bit different this year, it still finds ways to touch students.
Covid can’t take away friends. Even though they might not be with you physically, your friends are still there for you. They still support you. I truly believe that the friends that you make over the course of the pandemic will end up being your life-long friends. Lastly, but most importantly,
Covid can’t take away hope. Like my friend in the hospital, we must have hope that better days are to come. This is not our eternity. We will get through this together.
Thus, I encourage you, when you are feeling down, think of my friend. Think of his endless hope. It might just rub off on you.
Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” Desmond Tutu
About the Author

Madeline Northup is a member of the Class of 2021 and came to CHCA as a freshman. Looking ahead, she plans to expand her knowledge of Latin in college, as well as Greek and Ancient Mythology. Alongside possibly teaching Latin, Madeline plans to be a novelist and complete her book that she is currently writing about her grandfather. She loves writing, and even explored the field of journalism at her internship with the Cincinnati Enquirer. No matter what may lie ahead, though, she thanks CHCA for all that its wonderful faculty, staff, and students have done for her.