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A Closer Look at CHCA’s 30 Hours of Gratitude & Giving
Jennifer Cooke, Content Strategy & Communications Manager

As a learning community and faith community, CHCA sits in a unique position. Not a church yet not a public enterprise, we understand the importance of giving and are grateful for the generosity that fuels everything we love about our school.  

This intersection of giving and thankfulness is where 30 Hours of Gratitude & Giving lives.  

What is 30 Hours of Gratitude & Giving?  

30 Hours (as it’s known by our community) is an event every spring that rallies our community together in prayer and financial support of our mission: to prepare students for success and a life of Kingdom impact. For 30 continuous hours—from noon on Thursday to 6:00 p.m. on Friday—we highlight how gifts have transformed our school and call on everyone to give what they can so CHCA can continue to fuel passions and transform students for years to come. 

Support of our mission looks different for every person who calls CHCA home. During 30 Hours, we come together in gratitude for all God has done for our school, uniting in prayer, service, and giving. 

What’s the connection between giving and gratitude?  

Spend enough time on our campuses, and you’re sure to experience an almost tangible gratitude from students, faculty, staff, parents, and others in our community. But what does this gratitude have to do with giving?  

Our roots are young, but our spirit of gratitude has been cultivated over generations. It started with our Founding Families in the 1980s, whose commitment to pursuing excellence and furthering Christian education led to the establishment of what is now one of the top private schools in Ohio. This spirit continues to permeate CHCA every day in how our faculty approach their lessons, our coaches mentor their athletes, our staff run the day-to-day operations, and more: We are grateful for all God has done within our community and celebrate how He continues to use each of us to reach more students and families across our city. 

It’s not just those invested in the everyday functioning of CHCA who feel this spirit. Alumni, parents, grandparents, and special friends of our school are woven into our story through their volunteerism, prayer, and continued support. They may see the work CHCA is doing to help students become beacons wherever they go and believe that our school is doing something different—something special above and beyond providing a stellar education.  

Gratitude cultivates a desire to give in all kinds of ways, and we celebrate every prayer, gift, and act of service. When people choose to give to CHCA during 30 Hours—whether through their intentional prayers, commitment to service, or financial gifts—they join in our mission, expressing a gratitude for what God has done through this school and belief that through His spirit, our students have the power to change the world. 

The Impact 

As a regular part of our spring rhythm at CHCA, 30 Hours brings our community together under a common goal. While each of us may give in different ways, we unite in our desire to see CHCA reach more students, and for those students to have an experience that lays a strong foundation for a life of faith and service. Consistent prayer has transformed our campuses and continues to make it possible for students to flourish every day. Gifts have fueled the expansion of our programs, providing more opportunities for future leaders to grow into their God-given talents. With 30 Hours, both come together to further our mission and, hour by hour, dollar by dollar, make a lasting impact.  

Keep an eye on our Giving page for an update on future 30 Hours initiatives. 

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