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4th Grade Mosaic Project
Dawn Marosi, former art teacher

A look at the people, places and things that embody Christ’s love at CHCA

What: Ten mosaics depicting Bible stories, created between 2004-2012 by Edyth B. Lindner Elementary 4th graders and former art teacher, Dawn Marosi. Each student makes at least one tile in April and May, and Marosi, using a combination of clay, glazes, glass and adhesives, constructs the full scene (which ranges from 4' x 6’ to 5' x 8’) during the summer. “Each one is very special,” Marosi shared. “God speaks through each one. A lot of prayer went into it.”

Where: The Psalm 23 verse is in the EBL Campus academic hallway; the rest are in the hallway between the gym and the cafeteria.

Why: “I think this project sends a message that art is something everyone can be a part of,” Marosi shared. “Kids got a chance to leave a piece of themselves behind when they left EBL, and they also came together as a group. Each tile is part of the bigger picture, which showed them how everyone is part of the body of Christ.” Marosi got the idea for the 2009 mosaic while teaching a junior high group about the story of Nehemiah. “I was inspired by his compassion to rebuild the city,” she remembers. Marosi's heart was in the project, recalling, “It was a calling from God. It reminded me that teaching is a ministry, not just a job.”