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Gr 9-12 Arts Auditions for 2017-2018


CHCA's Dance Academy is an extra-curricular activity available to students grades K-12. Students may enroll in technique and performance classes without an audition.

  • Current program dancers receive an evaluation in April in lieu of an audition for the following year
  • Current CHCA grade 8-11 students interested in the program for next year not currently in the Dance Academy program should contact to schedule an audition on or before 05/19/17.
  • Newly Enrolled Students for 2017-2018: Audition before 06/30. Contact Dance Academy Director for more information and to schedule.


Come play with us! Our students are excelling in our Upper School fine arts programs and many graduates use their gifts at universities and churches where they attend. Review Course Descriptions for information about our four ensembles:
  1. Symphony Orchestra/Concert Band/Cintered - non-auditioned ensembles, request class with your counselor
  2. Lab Band - non-auditioned ensemble, request class with your counselor
  3. Steel Drum Band/Percussion Ensemble - non-auditioned ensemble, request class with your counselor
  4. Electric Jazz Orchestra (EJO) - CHCA's honors jazz band - required auditions held every spring
    • Honors course graded on a 4.5 GPA scale
    • Required to take weekly private lessons

Audition Information:

  • Current grade 9-11 instrumental music students: 03/30/17 and 03/31/17 during class
  • CHCA grade 8, other grade 9-11 students not currently in an instrumental music class, and CHCA newly accepted grade 9-12 students:
    • Sign-up: In the MSL Instrumental Music Room or Founder's Campus Band Room for an audition
    • Auditions: 03/31/17 from 3:00 - 7:00 p.m. in the MSL HS Instrumental Music Room
  • 2017-2018 Newly Enrolled Students only: Electric Jazz Orchestra is closed after 04/03/17. Contact Dan Grantham, Instrumental Music Director, at

2017-2018 Audition Material:

  • Memorize all major scales up to 3 sharps and 3 flats
  • Contact Dr. Grantham or Mr. Mangual for music excerpts


Encore is CHCA's honors choir for rising 10-12 graders which requires an audition. Students can register for Concert Choir without audition. Incoming freshman who are interested in eventually auditioning for Encore are strongly encouraged to sign up for Concert Choir. (See Course Descriptions) Up to 24 students will be chosen for Encore based on musical ability and potential (dynamic singing that will blend with other students in a group setting, ability and/or interest in reading music) and ability to perform basic choreography. (You don’t have to be a dancer! Just be able to move with the music.) Additional extra-curricular opportunities through the Theater Department also exist.

Encore Audition Information:

  • Who: Current grade 9-11 grade students are welcome to audition!
  • Where and When:
    • Current choir students will audition in class on 03/29/17
    • Students NOT currently enrolled in Choir will audition on Wednesday, 03/29/17 from 3:15-5:00 – location TBA
  • Sign-ups will be posted on the call board outside the high school choir room 03/13/17 - 03/17/17. Sign up for an audition time and pick up an audition form that you should fill out completely and bring with you to your audition. You will also need to pick up audition materials. Please be on time to your scheduled audition.
  • Fee: $75/girls; $50 boys (Payable after 08/01/17)
  • 17-18 Newly Enrolled Students only: Encore auditions open until 06/30. Contact Sara Potts, Choir Teacher,

At sign-ups, students will receive a packet with two pieces of SATB music. Each student must choose a part to learn for each of the songs (soprano, alto, tenor, or bass) and be prepared to sing at auditions in small SATB groups, one or two on a part. Students will also be expected to sight read a short passage, do some vocalization exercises to hear range, and participate in a short group movement activity.

* Please do not let the music reading or movement portions scare you away from auditioning—these are both skills that can be taught, but I want to see where you are. If you have any questions, please contact


Consult each show's homepage for times and audition details. In general:

  1. Sign up for an audition time on the call board outside the theatre.
  2. Complete the online registration 1-2 weeks prior to audition. (Although payment will be scheduled at this time, payment will not be deducted from your account until after the cast is announced. The Fine Arts Department will cancel all scheduled payments in the event a student auditions but is not cast.)
  3. Bring any printed forms described on the show homepage to the audition.

Find Audition Dates for 2017-2018