2017-2018 Gr 5 Course Optioning

STEP 1 - Submit options online ::: STEP 2 - Print, Read, Sign & Return Confirmation Email
Upper E Grade 5 students must make choices for fine arts and elective courses so we can plan for the upcoming school year. Rising 4th graders (Grade 5 in 2017-2018) students are required to participate in either a band or strings instrumental course that meets regularly all year long. Andrew.Hartman@chca-oh.org can answer band questions; Amy.Macy@chca-oh.org can answer questions about strings.

Families should carefully consider your music selection as it is not always possible to make changes later. Once levels for core curriculum and student elective choices are submitted, specific sections of the course are generated randomly by computerized scheduling software; therefore, individual teacher requests cannot be accommodated at the Grade 5 level. For general scheduling questions, contact Nancy.Buckman@chca-oh.org.

Selections are due within two weeks of enrollment.