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MarketPlace AD Details:
  • When: Wednesday, 05/10/17 - Friday, 05/12/17 during the school day
  • Where: EBL Campus
  • Who: All Gr K-4 + North Campus PK Students
  • What: A recreation of the Marketplace at the time Jesus would visit and teach. Each student is in one of the twelve tribes of Israel experiencing crafts, food, games, Hebrew School, stories and more.
  • Lunch: Your child may pack or purchase a boxed lunch. Due by 04/26/17: EBL PK-Gr 4 lunch AS Gr K-4 lunch
  • Help: We need 200+ volunteers, no experience needed. Please return by 04/26/17: Volunteer .PDF
  • Reminder: Melody Makers Reds Ticket Orders due 05/01/17

    Return Order Form and checks made payable to CHCA. Game day 05/08/17

    Lower School Events

    Lower School Information

    School Year

    Email the Front Office:

    Lower EUpper E

    Attendance Line (Call by 9:00 a.m.)
    Gr KPrep-4: 247-9944 x800
    Gr 5-6: 247-9944 x801

    Bible Memory Verses (Gr 1-4)
    16-17 Memory Verses (revised 04/03/17)
    16-17 Memory Verse Guidelines
    16-17 Memory Verse Schedule

    16-17 Daily Schedule: Lower E Upper E

    16-17 Parent Handbook: Lower EUpper E

    16-17 Volunteer Handbook: Gr KPrep-4

    16-17 Extended Absence: Lower E Upper E


    Upper E Extended Absence Instructions

    At least one (1) week before your planned absence of three (3) or more days, complete this process for each student:

    1. Email notification to UpperElementary.4-6@chca-oh.org
    2. Include name and grade of student
    3. Include dates of absence with number of school days gone Include reason for absence

    Note that Grade 5 and 6 homework and class assignments can be accessed through NetClassroom.

    16-17 Specials Rotation Schedule: Grade 5  Grade 6 

    16-17 Specials Rotations: Grade 5

    Quarter 1:Quarter 2:
    ~Tech Week 8/25-9/2~Rot. A: 10/17-11/15 (19 days)
    ~Rot. A: 9/5-9/26 (14 days)~Rot. B.: 11/16-12/15 (19 days)
    ~Rot. B: 9/27-10/14 (14 days)

    Quarter 3:Quarter 4:

    ~Rot. A: 1/3-2/8 (24 days)

    ~Rot. A: 3/27-4/28 (23 days)
    ~Rot. B: 2/9-3/17 (25 days)~Rot. B: 5/1-6/1 (22 days)

    Campus Locations and School Hours

    Lower School Grades K-4 located at
    Edyth B. Linder Campus, A Blue Ribbon School
    11312 Snider Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45249 (map)

    Lower School Grades 5-6 located at
    Founders’ Campus*
    11300 Snider Road, Cincinnati, OH 45249 (map)

    *2017-2018 students Grades 4-6 will reside in a newly designed space at Founders' Campus.

    Half Day Kindergarten8:30 a.m.* - 11:40 a.m.
    Kindergarten Prep12:15 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.
    Kindergarten - Grade 48:30 a.m.* - 3:15 p.m.
    Grades 5-67:55 a.m.* - 3:10 p.m.

    *7:30 a.m. is the earliest students may arrive

    Back To School

    When it's time, Back To School info like supply lists and summer assignments will be here.

    Beyond the Lower School Day

    Activities & Clubs

    F i n e A r t s

    After School Art Enrichment (Gr 1-5)
    ArtBeat Festival Choir (Gr K-2 and Gr 3-4)
    Artists Guided Studio (Gr 5-8)
    CHCA Dance Academy (Gr K-1, Gr 2-3,Gr 4-5, Gr 6-8)
    Genesis Jazz (Gr 6-8)
    Melody Makers (Gr 3-4)
    Musical Theater Production (Gr 5-8)
    Premier Pops (Gr 6-8)
    Private Music Lesson Program (PK3 - Gr 4)
    Private Music Lessons (Gr 5-12)
    String Ensemble (Gr K-4)
    Strings Club (Gr 6-8)
    Vocal Ensemble (Gr 2-3)

    A T H L E T I C S
    Fall Sports:

    Cheerleading (Gr 3-6)
    Football (Gr 3-6)
    LAX Development Camp (Gr 3-6)
    Volleyball (Gr 3-6)

    Winter Sports:
    Basketball (Gr 3-6)
    Eagle Skipper Jump Rope (1-4)

    Spring Sports:

    Lacrosse (Gr 3-6)
    Track & Field (K-6)


    O T H E R

    American Heritage Girls (Gr 1-6)
    Bible Quiz Club (Gr K-4)
    Book Buddies (Gr 5)
    FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Robotics (Gr 5-6)
    Geography Bee (Gr 5-8)
    Homework Council
    Learning Fair (Gr K-4)
    Mathematical Minds (Gr 4-6)
    SOS Juniors (Gr 4-6)
    Spelling Bee (Gr 5-8)
    Upper E Socials (Gr 4-6)

    After School Care

    Eagles Landing (Gr K-4)

    The Eagles Landing After School Program is designed to provide quality childcare for CHCA’s K Prep – 4th grade EBL students for families who need regular childcare throughout the school year. This program is not designed for drop-in nor short-term, periodic childcare needs. Our program is open on all regular, full school days. We provide a safe place where students can build relationships, be creative, achieve homework goals, have fun and more! Our staff is experienced in childcare and is enthusiastic about seeing your child each day. Children have many activity options as they transition from one room to the next, including the cafeteria for a provided snack, gym, computer lab, library and playground. We also escort your child to and from extra-curricular activities while in our care. Please continue reading to find out more!

    2016-2017 Rates, Handbook and Calendars are posted below. Register Online starting 08/01/16.
    Early Bird registration ends 08/25/16 at 11:59 pm. Note: families must register every year.

    Parents can expect:
    • Children to be provided a safe, supportive environment
    • Children to be escorted to and from extra-curricular activities only while in the care of our program
    • To visit with the director about concerns related to their child or the program
    • To visit the program at any time
    • To be notified if an emergency or behavior situation occurs. If the parent cannot be reached, the emergency contact will be called
    • To be informed about special program activities or program changes

    Children can expect:

    • A safe, supportive, and consistent environment
    • Use of all the program equipment, supplies and materials on an equal basis
    • A light snack each day
    • Respectful treatment
    • Discipline in accordance with CHCA guidelines
    • Nurturing care from staff members
    • Support to participate in extra-curricular activities while in the care of our program

    We expect parents will:

    • Pick children up on time
    • Register online and have your scheduled payments automatically withdrawn from your checking account or your credit card (3% convenience fee added)
    • Review the Eagles Landing Parent Handbook prior to their child attending
    • Keep personal and emergency medical information up-to-date
    • Follow CHCA health policies
    • Communicate when the child will attend and any extra-curricular activities their child will participate in while in the care of our program by submitting a monthly calendar
    • Work with the director when necessary regarding a child’s behavior

    We expect children will:

    • Arrive at Eagles Landing promptly, including checking in BEFORE they are escorted to an extra-curricular activity recorded on their monthly calendar
    • Respect staff, students and school
    • Be responsible for their actions
    • Remain with the group and staff at all times
    • Take care of materials and equipment and return them to their place
    • Obey school rules

    See more information in the handbook. For more information, e-mail Eagles.Landing@chca-oh.org or call Program Director, Cathy Andry, at (513) 222-2603.

    Summer 2016 Information for Eagles Landing

    Dear Parents of KPrep - Grade 4 students at Edyth B. Lindner Elementary School Building,

    Welcome! We’re so glad you’re inquiring about our CHCA Eagles Landing After School Program. Please take the time to read this webpage and the parent handbook so you can understand our program, policies, and procedures in detail.

    Our after school program is designed to serve working parents needing regular, ongoing childcare for their students in grades KPrep – 4 at the Edyth B. Lindner Elementary School Building from August through June on regular dismissal days. There are 2 fee options:

    1. AS NEEDED students pay a daily rate each day they attend from August to June; there is a minimum fee each month and additional days attended are added at the daily rate and billed monthly.
    2. REGULAR students pay a reduced weekly rate each month regardless of the number of days they attend. This option is best for students who will attend 4 or 5 days per week. Discounts are available for families who choose to pay per semester or annually.

    All students must be registered online before they attend. Skip the registration fee with early bird registration from 08/01/16 - 08/25/16 at 11:59 p.m. Our program begins Thursday, 08/25/16 with regular program hours from 3:15 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

    We will have a short information meeting in the EBL building cafeteria on Wednesday, 08/24/16, 8:30 a.m. - 9:15 a.m. Please email the director at Eagles.Landing@chca-oh.org if you have questions that were not answered in any of our online information.

    Our friendly staff looks forward to serving you!
    Cathy Andry, Director

    Hours of operation

    Regular School Days
    3:15 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

    This program is CLOSED on all early dismissal days, Faculty In-Service days, holidays, and holiday breaks; see the Eagles Landing Handbook for more information.

    Late pick up fees

    If you think you are going to be late picking up your child, please notify the Program Director immediately at 222-2603. Parents who arrive later than 6:00 p.m. must pay these additional overtime fees that will be automatically added to your monthly bill:

    6:01 p.m. – 6:15 p.m. + $15.00 fee
    6:16 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. + $25.00 fee
    6:31 p.m. – 6:45 p.m. + $35.00 fee
    6:46 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. + $45.00 fee

    General registration and enrollment process information

    Before your child can attend, you must:

    1. Register online to have your scheduled payments automatically withdrawn from your checking account or your credit card (3% convenience fee added). This is where you will choose the program option best for your family (REGULAR or AS NEEDED) and apply any discounts. Skip the registration fee with early bird registration from 08/01/16 - 08/25/16 at 11:59 p.m.
    2. Submit a monthly calendar by the 1st of each month to communicate which days your child will attend and if they have any extra-curricular activities while in our care. This may be submitted via:
      • Print, scan and email as attachment to Eagles.Landing@chca-oh.org
      • Fax to (513) 247-0125
      • Postal mail to 11312 Snider Road 45249 Attn: Eagles Landing
      • Hand deliver to the EBL Elementary School Building office
    3. Attend our short information meeting in the EBL building cafeteria on Wednesday, 08/24/16, at 8:30 a.m. If you cannot attend or have further questions, email the director at Eagles.Landing@chca-oh.org.

    Release of children

    A parent or chaperone will sign the child out of the program each day and should be prepared to show appropriate ID upon pick-up. Children will be allowed to leave with persons other than the parent only if written or verbal permission has been given to the director. If your child attends after school activities (e.g. tutoring, soccer, American Heritage Girls, Melody Makers, etc.) these must be communicated via your child’s monthly calendar. Make changes to your child’s calendar by emailing Eagles.Landing@chca-oh.org. For safety’s sake, your child must check in with us and then proceed to their activity. The sign-out book will be available at each location upon pick-up and parents must include the time they pick up.

    Withdrawal from the program

    Our program is designed to be a year-long commitment; however, there is no contract. A parent can discontinue use at the end of any quarter by notifying the Program Director at Eagles.Landing@chca-oh.org at least 14 days before the quarter ends. A final billing will be issued the month following the end of the quarter.

    After School Zone (Gr 5-6)

    The Founders' Campus After School Zone (ASZ) is a teacher-supervised program designed to provide your student with an environment that allows students a bit of down time with snacks then focus on homework until they are signed out for the day. This is a pre-registered, "pay-to-stay" program and you may choose between the AS NEEDED and REGULAR options. You can contact the ASZ during operating hours at (513) 310-9963.

    Questions? Call the Founder's Campus office at (513) 247-9944 ext. 206

    Register Online

    Hours of Operation

    • Monday – Friday 3:15 – 5:45 p.m.
    • The ASZ is available whenever school is in full session (no half days or holidays).
    • Any student not picked up or in an adult-supervised activity by 3:30 p.m. will be sent to the After School Zone and will be charged.
    Daily Schedule
    3:15–3:30Gym time – sign in
    3:30–4:00Snack in the cafeteria
    4:00–5:00Library for homework
    5:00-5:45Continue in library - time to socialize quietly until parent arrives

    Fee Options and Discounts for 2016-2017

    Fee Options:
    Individual AS NEEDED

    $9.50/day for each day your child attends regardless of time in room; nonrefundable minimum fee of $9.50 (1 day) collected in full at registration

    Auto payment withdrawal the 20th of each month (September-May) for any additional days attended in the previous month. Please note - the final program payment withdrawal will occur on 06/12/17.

    Late pick up fees apply and will be added to monthly bill

    Individual REGULAR

    $6.00/day for all days the Gr 5-8 ASZ is open, regardless if your child attends or not ($1,070 yearly cost; discounts available)

    10 equal auto payment withdrawals the 20th of each month (September-May) with the 10th and final program payment withdrawal occurring on 06/12/17.

    Late pick up fees apply and will be added to monthly bill

    Cancellation or change requests to this option must be made in writing prior to the 1st school day of the month else the month will be billed at the regular rate. Email Programs@chca-oh.org with your request.

    Gr 5-8 ASZ Sibling DiscountRegister one child for the REGULAR option and get 20% off the REGULAR option for all additional children in your family

    Registration Fee:
    $25.00 per childEarly Bird Special! Register by 08/29/16, 11:50 p.m. , and we will waive this fee. If you register after this date, you will incur a registration of $25.00 per child.
    Late Fees:
    $15.001-15 minutes

    $10.00Each Additional 15 minute increment

    Additional important details for parents

    • Your child must sign in upon arrival to the gym and a parent or designated person must sign them out (of the library) before leaving.
    • Students may use only those electronic devices that meet BYOD guidelines during ASZ hours. They may use their cell phone only when approved to check on their parent’s estimated arrival time.
    • After 3:45 p.m., you will be charged for the entire day regardless of when your child is signed out.
    • With written approval from a parent, your child can sign them self out to go to a sports practice, music lesson or tutoring.
    • We are only responsible for your student(s) while they are signed into the ASR.

    Registration and Billing

    Use our online registration system to register and schedule payments via Echeck (electronic transfer of funds from your bank account with no added fees) or credit card (Visa or Mastercard, a 3% convenience fee will be added). Due to the overall value of our program pricing, no adjustments will be made for missed days (school breaks, snow days, unexpected school closings, illness, etc.). Enrollment in the program may be terminated if account not kept current.

    Lower School Faculty & Staff

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    Robin Albus
    Departments: Fine Arts Music

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    Sheri Andersen
    Departments: General Curriculum

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    Departments: General Curriculum

    Nancy Anderson

    Nancy Anderson
    Departments: General Curriculum

    Cathy Andry

    Cathy Andry
    Departments: General Curriculum, After School Care

    Linda Baker

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    Kelley Ballish

    Kelley Ballish
    Departments: Student Support

    Kathie Baxter

    Kathie Baxter
    Departments: Counseling

    Kelly Berling

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    Departments: Fine Arts Music

    Emily Beuerlein

    Emily Beuerlein
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    Sandy Breitholle

    Sandy Breitholle
    Departments: Program Administration

    Jane Brumbaugh

    Jane Brumbaugh
    Departments: Fine Arts Music
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