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Public School District Bussing to CHCA

The following school districts provide transportation service to CHCA. Please contact your school district’s transportation office to obtain information and a downloadable Transportation Request Form, as well as instructions for returning the completed form:

School District Telephone Web Address
Kings Local (513) 398-8050 ext. 10024
Lakota (Petermann Bus) (513) 755-5821
Little Miami (513) 899-2941
Loveland (513) 683-3103
Madeira (Petermann Bus) (513) 561-1366
Mariemont (513) 272-5510
Mason (513) 398-6682
Milford (513) 575-1563
Princeton (513) 554-0105
Sycamore (513) 686-1785
West Clermont (Petermann Bus) (513) 752-4020

The following school districts do not provide transportation service to CHCA. For these schools, families may be entitled to a reimbursement. CHCA cannot claim this reimbursement; it is the responsibility of the parent to contact the school district.

School District Telephone Web Address
Cincinnati Public (Armleder and North Campus; Upper 9-12 students may ride Metro bus) (513) 363-0330
Fairfield City Schools (513) 829-6603
Finneytown School District (513) 728-7220
Forest Hills School District (513) 231-3335 ext. 2982
Indian Hill (513) 272-4531
Lebanon City Schools (513) 934-5838
Mt. Healthy School District (513) 728-4985
Northwest Local School District (513) 825-4600
Winton Woods (513) 619-2405

Carpool/Bus Procedures

With the start of the new school year and construction underway, we have new carpool and bus procedures for the 2016-2017 school year.

EBL Campus:


  • There will be a new bus pick-up lane that will line the far end drive of Founders’ Campus, at the top of the pathway that connects EBL and Founders’ Campuses.
  • All EBL students will gather and line up by bus in the second/third hallway as they have done in the past.
  • We will have extra faculty, staff, and signage working the first several weeks of school to ensure students are comfortable with the transition and their new walk to the buses. (Every faculty/staff member will be on duty!) Students will always be led by a leader who is ensuring students in their line are heading to the right bus.
  • Please ensure your student knows his/her district name (i.e. Loveland, Mason, etc.) and bus #. Kindergarten teachers have a protocol for ensuring students get to the right buses. If you want to make sure your student knows his/her bus information, we encourage you to attach a tag to your child’s backpack. Bus aides and bus drivers will also be ensuring that students are boarding the right bus, prior to them getting on the bus.
  • Inclement weather:
    • During inclement weather, students will remain indoors until their bus is called and they are led outside.
    • Each child needs to have a raincoat and poncho kept in their cubby throughout the year. If they wear it home, please be sure to send it back the next day.
    • CHCA will provide each student with an umbrella to carry on their walk from EBL to the bus.
  • Additional protocol:
    • Please be sure your student knows whether he/she is riding the bus on a given day.
    • If you need to change your child’s pick-up status on any given day, please call 513-247-9944 x100 by noon.
  • Final important note: As with any transition, please grant us grace and expect delays in the first couple of weeks as we all get acclimated to this new procedure.


(The main morning carpool drop-off will remain in the front circle.)
  • We will now have three carpool lanes in which to pick up your child(ren): Lower Circle, Front Circle, and MCC Lane
  • On the first day of school, head to the gym and stop by the carpool table to pick up your cards. Carpool pick-up will be assigned as follows:
    • MCC Lane – Last names A-G
    • Front Circle – Last names H-Q
    • Lower Circle – Last names R-Z
  • Pick-up lanes will not be open until 2:50 each day.
  • When arriving early, you will no longer need to loop around Founders’ campus prior to heading down the hill to EBL. Traffic will flow directly into each of the three carpool lanes.
  • Important note: while having three carpool lanes should help traffic run a bit smoother in the long-term, as with any transition, please grant us grace and expect delays in the first couple of weeks as we all get acclimated to the new traffic flow.
  • Additional protocol notes: Please do not get out of your car during carpool. Please do not park in the front circle of EBL at any time. This is a fire lane to be kept clear at all times. And please exercise extreme caution and GO SLOW when driving on campuses.

Founders' Campus

With the new Founders’ campus parking lot and widened driving lanes, comes a new carpool/traffic flow that will hopefully yield a substantial traffic improvement in the long term.

A brief description of the new traffic flow is contained in this video.

Please watch carefully and should you have any questions email

MSL Campus:

Although there is construction happening, carpool and parking should be minimally affected.

Armleder Campus:

You have enough on your hands dealing with the never-ending I-75 and I-71 construction!!

Starting 08/22/16 direct question and comments to