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Upper School (Gr 7-12)

Find your place and pursue your gifts.

We believe your education should be dynamic and immersive. At CHCA, you will question, consider, discover, test, fail, and thrive, all while under the counsel of exceptional Christian teachers. Our Upper School offers a unique and challenging curriculum centered on preparing you to be a Christian of consequence.

Here you will discover that not only is our academic environment designed for students to flourish, robust extracurricular offerings also allow you to further explore and grow your gifts and leadership skills. Our goal is that you graduate fully prepared and confident to succeed in college and beyond, with discerning wisdom, courageous curiosity, and resilient Christian faith.

We invite you to explore CHCA’s Upper School, and discover how students are flourishing spiritually, academically and socially, and building the confidence to take on new challenges each day. Find out more about CHCA’s Upper School program unique academic offerings for Grades 7-8 and Grades 9-12.